Beyond the Stones Episode 1 - Outlander Season 1A Recap

Welcome!  Beyond the Stones is now OFFICIALLY online!
We're here!
We want to thank you all so much for listening to our podcast! 
I want to send out a MASSIVE thank you to Mary and Blake Larsen of Outlander Cast, who trusted their editor-in-chief to devote a bit of time to a pet project.  You both are amazing!  If you haven't been listening to Outlander Cast, then what are you even doing here??  Go!  Go to iTunes!  Subscribe!  Then come back here and listen to this.  
These first few episodes might be a bit shaky as we work out the kinks, but once we get our sea-legs, we'll all be in for a smoother ride.
Also . . . Alastair Stephens and Lani Diane Rich, thank you! is an amazing site and for you nerds out there (like Jordan and I) it's perfect.  Go check it out!
Now, sit back, relax and grab a wee dram as Jordan and I recap season 1A in our first EVER podcast episode!
Thank you for coming Beyond the Stones with us!
- Kendra


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