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The Japan Diaries Part Two: Life in the Gaijin Bubble

Written by: Kendra Spring Klasek

“If you've ever been homesick, or felt exiled from all the things and people that once defined you, you'll know how important welcoming words and friendly smiles can be.”
- Stephen King 11/22/63

"What was the biggest culture shock for you when you first got here?"

It's a crisp February day and Charky and I are catching up over bowls of udon. She's nearly through her third and final contract year in Japan and while I want to hear her answer, I've selfishly asked the question so that I can answer it myself.

She confesses she didn't experience much culture shock at all and I'm impressed but not too surprised. Charky has a quiet elegance to her that is immediately apparent, something which allows her to dovetail quite nicely into the Japanese culture.

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